Medicinal Mushroom


Ancient Chinese practitioners have been using the Cordycep mushrooms (Cordyceps sinensis), a medicinal mushroom, for its purported mental and physical wellness benefits since at least 1757 AD. In recent years, renewed interest in this unusual fungus has been sparked by research in China, Japan, Korea, and the US. This research has uncovered a number of its natural ingredients that show health benefits on blood pressure, cognitive performance and athletic performance.

Much of the therapeutic potential of Cordyceps centres around their ability to boost oxygen utilisation as well as stabalise blood sugar. A 2018 research study on 120 mice showed statistically significant effects on improved learning and reduced memory impairment from Cordyceps. Tests have shown that the medicinal mushroom has significant neuroprotective properties, which includes a reduction of neuronal cell death.

With our modern high impact lifestyles, everyone should consider adding this natural nootropic to their nutritional supplement regime.
Tryptophan, a precursor of serotonin, is one of 18 amino acids found in Cordyceps. It is a well-known sedative and may help to counteract insomnia.