Fungify Zen

Fungify’s unique pairing of Cordycep mushrooms & Sceletium enhances your mood, creates deep relaxation & precise concentration

Fungify Zen is designed to bring peace, balance & focus to your daily routine, optimising your natural biological systems to achieve your physical & mental goals. The Cordycep mushroom, which is the key ingredient in Fungify Zen, was originally discovered by Buddhist monks and is still used in the form of a home brewed elixir during auspicious meditation ceremonies. This provides high ranking monks with the level of stamina and focus required for hours of Devine dedication. Although wild Cordyceps are traditionally harvested from the caterpillars within the fields of Tibet, our high quality Cordyceps are ethically farmed in rice sub straits. This alcohol free extract is paired with added Sceletium to promote the holistic feeling of wellness and positivity.

The warm & comforting flavour of apple, rose, strawberry & vanilla come from all natural powders, making this on-the-go gel the perfect easy-to-eat medicinal mushroom solution on the market. No more muddy, bitter teas or tinctures.

With benefits such as:

  • Mood Enhancement
  • Increased Focus & Memory
  • Increased Stamina

Welcome to your new & improved Life, Welcome to Fungify.

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