One of the key unique selling points of all of the Fungify range is the absence of ethanol extraction, ensuring that are products are 100% inclusive and safe for all consumers; regardless of age or cultural beliefs.

Our unique extraction process revolved around ultrasonic technology, a revolutionary system for maximum output.
Our certified mushrooms are infused into a liquid solution and then exposed to ultrasonic frequencies using a highly specialised processing system.

These frequencies do not cause any chemical changes to the molecular structure of compounds but rather cause coagulates to separate from macromolecules into nanoparticles. This is achieved through the ultrasonic frequencies neutralising the net charge of molecules in a suspension, causing the individual molecules to repel each other. During this process the intermolecular forces between the molecules become negligent (no net charge of attraction nor repulsion) forcing them to homogeneously disperse within the medium/liquid.

Another benefit of using the ultrasonic process is that it enhances the extraction capacity of actives from biomass, since it causes cellular membranes to “burst,” thereby releasing the maximum content of bioactives. This also breaks the barrier of needing to utilize solvents such as alcohol to extract the bioactives from biomass, thereby enabling you to take a safer, alcohol free and Halaal compliant approach to extracting.

This process can be applied to water-based and oil-based liquids and allows you to substantially increase the bioavailability and absorption rate and capacity of the compounds.