What are Adaptogens?

Adaptogens are exclusively herbal compounds that specifically target stress receptors in the body and are found in all Fungify products. Stress is one of the leading health pandemics in the world and often overlooked. Stress, also associated with anxiety, depression & weight gain, is prevalent across all age groups. Any natural tools that we can harness to avoid negative habits and excessive cortisol production in our bodies should be prioritised.

No, medicinal mushrooms are 100% edible with no psilocybin, which is the toxin found in ‘magic’ mushrooms that have psychoactive effects. All of our mushrooms are tested & certified for safety.

Medicinal mushrooms are generally safe for consumption across the board even for children, see our blog post on the benefits of Mycotherapy for kids (hyperlink). However, as with all food products there is the possibility of side effects or allergic reactions, which can present themselves as either a dry/itchy mouth or throat or in the form of digestive stress. Although these are rare we would advise consultation with your doctor if experienced, or when taken in conjunction with any scheduled medications, to be extra safe.
Medicinal mushrooms are also not advised for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Although we are all about celebrating “the mushroom” we understand that the distinct earthy & sometimes bitter taste of medicinal mushrooms can be barrier, which is why we have formulated out products with taste in mind, using real, all natural fruit & herb powders to make our product taste fantastic even if you aren’t a mushroom lover.

Like all natural supplements, you get the most out of Fungify products with habitual use, so taken regularly at the same time of day will yield the best results. The Boost Gel does have a small amount of Glucose to add a little extra spring to your step in the morning with the combination of the Reishi & Vit B-12. However, like the rest of the range it can be taken at anytime of the day, when needed, with no adverse effects.

Although Fungi products with their added herbs and vitamins will have a very rapid effect, the real benefits are from long term and habitual consumption. Incorporate the range into a simple daily routine to get the most out of your Fungify products. As a natural foodstuff, mushroom allergies are rare but can occur. Please see our disclaimer if you experience any discomfort after consuming the product.

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